What is a reason that has led to the Gen Z generation becoming more lonely?

Despite having access to the Internet, social networks, and several other means of communication, Gen Z reports feeling lonely.

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Slow internet? This is behind it

Is your internet slow, files are not coming through, or is your image stuttering during streaming? Then you probably suffer…

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Does your car make a squeaking noise when braking?

The brake pads are an essential part of keeping your car on the road safely. How long do they last?…

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How life has changed since 2000

Technological progress is inevitable and always moving forward, changing the world beyond recognition.

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What’s wrong with the generation alpha: What they are – the Millennial kids and the Zoomer brothers

Generation Alpha follows Gen Z.Generation Alpha is the first born in the 21st century. Generation Alpha is mostly Millennials' kids.

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Nomophobia: the fear of being without a phone

Nomophobia is the fear of not having a working phone. It's a symptom or syndrome of inappropriate digital media usage…

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Want to hear the voice of a deceased loved one? Possible with new feature of Alexa

The new feature will enable Alexa to read any text in the voice of a deceased loved one, based on…

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The game Card Shark

Card Shark is a game of skill and a philosophical musing at the same time, and has found an excellent…

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These laptops and tablets can travel with the children

Do you have a long ride with the kids coming up soon? To make the journey go smoothly, we went…

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This is how your WhatsApp messages disappear automatically

Did you know that WhatsApp can automatically make new messages disappear after a certain amount of time? This is how…

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What is eSIM card and why is it replacing the SIM Card?

Sim cards used to be much larger than they are now; afterward, the micro Sim was developed; nevertheless, it seems…

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Roman inventions: forgotten technologies of Ancient Rome

Several Roman technologies faded or were lost throughout the Middle Ages in large parts of the Roman Empire.

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