Forget foldable smartphones, extendable Model is the future

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer TCL may be working on a futuristic new phone model with an extendable screen.

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What to do if hackers access your photos and videos via WhatsApp

Cyber experts have discovered a security hole in the WhatsApp messaging app that allows hackers to take over your entire…

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Toyota presents flying taxi: “We can unleash revolution”

Toyota is investing $ 394 million in Joby Aviation, an American start-up that wants to make flying taxis.

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Myth or reality: Do the tires of electric cars wear out more?

There are many myths about electric cars. For example, more CO2 would be emitted during their construction, and their tires…

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New smartphones have excellent cameras, but how do you use them properly?

Smartphone cameras have made a huge technological leap in recent years. But how do you best use those innovations to…

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Instagram and WhatsApp are now officially called ‘from Facebook’

Instagram and WhatsApp undergo a “rebranding”. From now on they get a new name where the name of parent company…

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How your iPhone shares your data while you sleep

A number of popular apps send personal information to third parties without informing users about it.

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These free apps to help you sleep

Do you lie awake for hours and can’t get to sleep? Then, there are these free apps to help you…

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Things that are affected by planned obsolescence

Manufacturers intentionally increase the demand for their products by reducing their durability. If the product fails, you will prefer to…

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Can we see Wolverine in ‘Avengers: Endgame’? Google thinks so

According to Google, we will see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the final Avengers movie, ‘Endgame’.

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China build an antenna of 3,700 km²: five times the size of New York

China has built a gigantic antenna of 3,700 square kilometres, or five times the size of the city of New…

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Hyundai launches the world’s first fingerprint scanner to open and start the car

Hyundai launches the world's first fingerprint scanner to open and start a car. The technology debuts in the new Hyundai…

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