How to stop being a people-pleaser

To learn to put yourself and your needs first, you will have to do some serious work on yourself and…

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Zhangye Danxia Colorful rocks in China

The Zhangye Danxia is a unique rock formation in southeast China, ranked by Chinese National Geography magazine as one of…

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Things you will never understand until it happens to you

We criticize people's conduct, words, or emotions in difficult situations because we think we'd act differently when it happens to…

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10 best ways to ruin a family reunion

If you do not keep control of your actions and words during a family reunion, the situation can turn into…

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Being taken for granted: why and how to stop it

Are you the kind of person who always feels like other people take them for granted? Even if you seem…

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Gearrannan: black houses Scotland

Gearrannanis a crofting township on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

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Hathor: Egyptian goddess that nearly destroyed the human race

Hathor was the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky, women, fertility, and love, who almost destroyed the Human Race.

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Why is it important to follow your dreams

Do not abandon your dream; reach your goal, and you will be ahead of others and honoured.

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What to do if you find yourself in an awkward situation

At one point or another in their lives, everyone has felt awkward, burned deceitfully, and wished they could just disappear.

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10 common but far from reality myths about Shaolin monks

Legends of the Shaolin monks have been around ever since the Emperor of China officially founded the order in 496…

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Signs you doubt your abilities

Doubts about your abilities restrict you from making good decisions and overcoming obstacles.

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9 ways you put the needs of others before your own

You must learn to prioritize yourself and your own needs. After all, nobody else would handle such a task.

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