Why do Orthodox priests grow beards while Catholics shave?

Have you ever thought about why Catholic clergy shaves cleanly while Orthodox clergy almost always wear a beard? What is…

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Signs you should stay away from someone

Abuse and criticism are typically the signs that you should stay away from someone.

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10 habits that will help you stay calm in any situation

To win in every situation, cultivate calm behaviour and thinking habits.

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6 reasons to stop negative thoughts about yourself

If your thoughts about yourself are constantly negative, it will affect all areas of your life.

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How to become a confident woman?

When you are confident, you have a solid knowledge of who you are and the path your life will take…

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Effect of cartoons on child development

The cartoons your children choose to watch may or may not be helpful to their development.

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Examples of how your life will change when you start believing in yourself

Your whole life can change when you believe in yourself and your strengths. That's why working on your self-esteem is…

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Difference between a genuine and fake person

There are genuine, good people and false ones who disguise negativity behind politeness.

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How to recover from a bad day

Bad days are an inevitable part of life and affect everyone at some point.

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Signs of a Nigerian scammer

Some Nigerian scammers are only interested in defrauding others using electronic means, such as emails, Ponzi or pyramid scams, bogus…

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Signs of a romance scammer

Romance scammers will often make an effort to make their victims feel valued and say they’d be willing to meet…

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How to tell someone the truth( even if you’re afraid to do so)

Knowing how to get someone to tell you the truth is a useful skill to have.

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