Chechnya: President vows to throw Trump and Merkel into prison

Always more extravagant, Kadyrov insists he wants to throw Trump and Merkel in prison.

Not really known to be a court child, Ramzan Kadyrov is even one who provokes. Asked about the Russian public information channel Rossiya 24, the president assured that if ever Donald Trump or Angela Merkel would like to visit Chechnya, which we strongly doubt, he would not hesitate to welcome them and throw them in jail.

A warning statement as Washington reflects today on new sanctions against this small state very close to the Kremlin. Sanctions that Kadyrov does not fear because he “never goes to the West and has no assets”.

Recently, Chechnya has been at the heart of all the debates after a real purge against homosexuals was led by the government. A serious violation of human rights, which the international community has not hesitated to condemn very strongly.

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