Christian couple: 7 signs that your marriage is healthy

The first 5 years of marriage would be, according to many, the most difficult. However, the daily life of some couples testifies to the contrary. If you are in their category and for you everything seems to be going smoothly, this article should comfort you.

Here are 7 signs that prove that your marriage is in excellent health.

1. God is your pillar

A couple in good health and a couple solidly founded on the rock, namely Christ. If you don’t get along spiritually, you will have a hard time evolving and moving forward at the same time. Therefore, you must make God your pillar, the Holy Spirit your support, Christ your example and prayer the solution to your problems.

Do you pray as a couple, go to church together and share moments of fasting if necessary? Your marriage is undoubtedly healthy (although that won’t stop you from having a few conflicts at times).

2. Trust reigns when you are apart

In a couple, trust is a fundamental necessity. The couples who go far together are the ones who blindly trust each other. Even when your loved one is not near you, you should feel at peace and 100% confident.

Because yes, even in marriage, it is necessary to leave time for yourself: time to go see your friends, time to go out alone, time to spend some time with yourself. If you find it hard to accept the fact that your partner wants to be without you from time to time, maybe you should work on your confidence level!

3. You never disrespect each other

Respect is necessary in each of the relationships we have, but even more so in our own home! Even in case of disagreement, you have to know how to be measured, thoughtful, and accept the opinions of the other that you do not necessarily share. There should be no room for physical, verbal or psychotic abuse. You owe your partner respect, just as your partner owes you respect.

4. You communicate

A point that we keep repeating: the importance of talking to each other! Over the years, there are many couples who no longer manage to communicate and live under the same roof like roommates or even strangers.

However, communication is a basis, and the more the years pass, the more it must become fluid. Even if you think you know each other by heart, there are always things to learn about each other and topics to discuss. Your better half should be your best friend, the person you can confide in without fear.

5. You know how to manage your conflicts

When you argue, how well you resolve the conflict speaks to the health of your marriage. If you manage to reconcile by discussing and finding a solution by mutual agreement, there is no doubt: your marriage is doing well, and you will be able to face the many challenges that life has in store for you! Marriage is never all rosy.

When we choose to marry someone, we also choose to accept their flaws. There is no more room for selfishness. You must learn to agree with your other half, even if it means sometimes making compromises and sacrificing some of your desires.

6. You know how to laugh together

A couple that no longer laughs together is a sick couple! How do you share the life of someone you can’t have a good time with? A fulfilled couple is a couple that teases each other like brothers and sisters. A joke, a joke, a little dance from time to time: what a pleasure it is to share your life with someone who, in bad times, knows how to make you forget your worries and laugh to tears!

7. You love each other like the first day

Perfect love never dies as declared 1 Corinthians 13. If the love for your spouse has never diminished, it means that your half is really the woman or the man of your life. The more time passes, the more your feelings increase.

Your love increases tenfold and you are sure that you have made the right choice. Your wife or husband is really the person that God had reserved for you, and you are grateful to Him for having granted you such a pearl. If so, then your marriage is in excellent health!

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