Cleopatra’s underwater kingdom

In the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of the city of Alexandria (Egypt), is located the sunken palace of Cleopatra herself, which went underwater many years ago.

Cleopatra’s palace was supposedly located on the island of Aphrodite, off the coast of Alexandria. It is from there, according to scholars, that the queen ruled Egypt. It is believed that the island sank from tidal waves and multiple earthquakes, which often occurred in these places.

Cleopatra’s underwater kingdom

For example, researchers who study ancient manuscripts, not long ago found in medieval documents, mentioned that in Alexandria in 335, there was a major earthquake, which caused part of the shore to go underwater. Perhaps it was this earthquake that sunk the island where the palace of the legendary Cleopatra was located.

Cleopatra’s underwater kingdom

The study of the found city was conducted by the European Institute of Maritime Archaeology expedition, headed by its director Frank Goddio. The divers found a huge number of artifacts, which were under water for more than 1500 years.

Nevertheless, many of them are perfectly preserved. Among the finds are Roman columns, ancient Egyptian sphinxes, many Greek sculptures, amphorae and bas-reliefs, and objects of labor.

Cleopatra’s underwater kingdom

The most valuable were raised to the surface and exhibited in the Alexandria Museum. But the Egyptian government plans to create an underwater museum of Cleopatra’s palace, so most of the finds remain untouched.

Cleopatra’s underwater kingdom

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