‘Crime-free’ island shocked by first theft in twenty years

The 160 residents of a peaceful, safe island off the coast of Scotland are shocked now that 2,250 euro has been stolen from the local hotel. It is the first crime in twenty years. Then a bicycle was stolen.

Gigha is a tiny island, only thirteen square kilometres, where everyone knows each other. On Sunday morning, Arthur Katilius, manager of the only hotel on the island, discovered that money had disappeared from a storage room. “As soon as we walked into the hotel, we noticed that something was wrong. It is sad,” he says to the British newspaper ‘Metro’. “It’s a shock for a community like ours.”

A resident of the area, Willie McSporran (82) calls the theft “terrible”. “The last thing that comes to mind is a bicycle that disappeared for twenty years. There is actually no crime on islands like this.”

“It is a shock for a community like ours,” Arthur Katilius, hotel manager said.

The hotel, which was fully booked, is owned by the community and is run by a private company. “How someone can steal something from a small business in a small and enchanting place like Gigha is unclear to me, but how do you invent it from stealing from the community?” Responds Alastair Redman, municipal councillor of the area that also includes Gigha. “I will do everything in my power to help the residents solve this crime.”

The hotel will at least get security cameras. The police are investigating the case.

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