Cruise ship tackles with unique swimming pool in the ocean

A swimming pool on board a cruise ship is not uncommon. A swimming pool ‘overboard’ is. From 2019, the new American shipping company Blue World Voyages wants to treat sporting passengers to a splash in the ocean with all the trimmings.

Rich buffets, over-the-top entertainment and nothing to do on the deck: that’s what cruise enthusiasts expect. ‘Blue World Voyages’ clearly throws a different direction. Here it is not the intention to arrive a few kilos during the trip.

©Blue World Voyages – Blessed is such a splash in the ocean

Society wants to promote an active lifestyle while cruising. This means that the focus will mainly be on sports and wellness. And for that the shipping company gets everything out of the closet.

Group lessons spinning, training with weights, yoga or an initiation course golf: it’s all possible. In addition, the ship, which is now being fully converted to meet the new needs, has a fitness centre and three swimming pools – one of which is in the sea.

With the press of a button, the pool unfolds on the side of the cruise ship. This allows passengers to swim in the ocean while the ship is at anchor. The platform is also suitable as a jetty for kayaks or as a starting point for snorkelling. The dimensions of the outdoor pool have not yet been announced, but it looks very promising.

©Blue World Voyage – A fitness center to say nothing about.

When the ocean giant calls at a port, passengers are also encouraged to discover the local tourist gems while hiking and cycling.

No excuse to thicken.

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