Cycling Brit creates reindeer on Strava in 9 hours

Almost Christmas, so time for Anthony Hoyte to publicize his annual specialty: a cycle route that creates a figure on the Strava sports app. The Brit kicked another Santa Claus together last year; this year, he paddled a reindeer.

The 51-year-old Hoyte – the Pedaling Picasso, for example – realized his creation in precisely nine hours. At that time, he covered nearly 129 kilometers in northern London.

The fifties is reasonably satisfied with the result. “It is only when you come home and upload the data that you can see the result. So you don’t know if it’s good or not,” he noted at the Evening Standard.

Cycling Brit creates reindeer on Strava in 9 hours
©twitter @anthoyte

Hoyte sometimes fell without a GPS signal on the way and said he made a few mistakes that no one might notice. “I am satisfied, it looks like I had it in mind.” He started with his artworks in 2016.

The man sets the limit on a maximum of ten hours of cycling. It has so far happened only once that he actually sat on his two-wheeler for so long. That was in 2017 when he succeeded in his snowman track.

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