Danish couple has pleasure on top of Egyptian pyramid

In Egypt a camel driver and a young woman were arrested because they had made it possible for a Danish couple to climb a pyramid. They made daring images at the top and posted them on YouTube five days ago.

The Danish photographer Andreas Hvid put the nude photos of him and his girlfriend online last week. According to him, the free party even took place on the Great Pyramid of Giza. That provoked angry reactions in Egypt.

“The research shows that the 54-year-old camel driver helped the Danes to climb the site at night on November 29 in exchange for an amount of 4,000 Egyptian pounds (200 euros)”, according to a communiqué from the ministry. At the same time, a 31-year-old woman, who acted as an intermediary between the Danes and the camel driver, was also arrested. According to the ministry, she knew the Danes via the internet. Both arrested persons confessed the facts and were handed over to the public prosecutor.

“Violation of public morals”

On the approximately three-minute video you can see how the two climb the pyramid. At the very end, a still image shows how the two hug each other naked. Minister of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani spoke in the state newspaper al-Ahram of “pornograph!c images” and “a violation of public morals”.

Climbing the pyramids has been banned in Egypt for many years. However, people regularly try to get to the top of the ancient monuments.

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