Defence: Ranking of the most powerful armies in Africa in 2018 (GFP)

The Global Fire Power ranking of the most powerful armies in the world in 2018 is available. As in 2017, Egypt is still the first in Africa. The country of the Pharaohs holds the most powerful army of the continent, according to the ranking 2018 published by the site specialized in the defence, Global Fire Power (GFP).

Egypt, however, ranks 12th out of 136 countries in this ranking. The country of Abdel Fatah Al Sissi total of 0.2751 point and followed by another country in the North Africa, Algeria.

Note that this ranking is based on fifty criteria. These include the number of active members, logistical flexibility, the naval force, the defence budget, the availability of fuel for the military, the number of fighter jets, and so on.

In this ranking, Global Fire Power, does not take into account the nuclear stocks, or the possession of a coastline. The score sought by GFP, called “Power Index” is 0.0000, but it is clear that it is impossible to reach. The best ranked are those that come closest to this power index

With 454,250 active military personnel and 875,000 reservists, 4,946 tanks, 1132 military aircraft, including 309 fighter jets, and 319 ships and warships, Egypt is ahead of Algeria (23rd worldwide), South Africa (33rd), Nigeria (43rd), and Angola (48th) respectively in the top five Africans.

Worldwide, the United States, Russia, China, India and France form the top five military powers in the world according to Global Fire Power (GFP)

Ranking of African military powers:

1. Egypt (12th worldwide)
2. Algeria (23rd)
3. South Africa (33rd)
4. Nigeria (43)
5. Angola (48th)
6. Ethiopia (51st)
7. Morocco (55th)
8. Sudan (70th)
9. Libya (74th)
10. DR Congo (75th)
11. Tunisia (77th)
12. Zimbabwe (81st)
13. Zambia (83rd)
14. Kenya (85th)
15. Uganda (93rd)
16. Chad (94th)
17. Tanzania (98th)
18. South Sudan (99th)
19. Botswana (103rd)
20. Ghana (107th)
21. Niger (109th)
22. Cameroon (110th)
23. Mozambique (111th)
24. Mali (114th)
25. Ivory Coast (119th)
26. Republic of Congo (120th)
27. Madagascar (123rd)
28. Gabon (126th)
29. Namibia (127th)
30. Mauritania (129th)
31. Central African Republic (130th)
32. Somalia (132nd)
33. Sierra Leone (133rd)
34. Liberia (135th)

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