Demetrie (35), who murdered his wife for infidelity found dead in a cell

Demetrie H. (35), the man suspected of the murder of his wife Nancy M. (33), was found dead in his cell last night. That confirms the prison system.

Yesterday Nancy M. from the East-Flemish Oordegem (Lede) was stabbed to death by her husband Demetrie H. While the children of 11, 10 and 1.5 years were sleeping upstairs, he stuck her in the neck. Then the man himself informed the emergency services. They could only determine death.

Nancy M. had confessed that she had deceived her husband earlier that day. According to friends, that was not the first time and Nancy M.’s deceit was even ‘the red thread’ in their relationship. Demetrie H. did not know all the stories that circulated about his wife, but he had heard some of them. That’s why it came to a break. The couple decided to give the relationship a chance, but the deceit of yesterday made the man completely tilt.

Special surveillance

Demetrie H. was arrested and taken to the prison of Dendermonde

. There he was found dead in his cell around midnight. The man was under special surveillance and checked every 15 minutes. How he could get out of life is still unknown.

Due to the death of the suspect, the criminal proceedings will expire against him. If it turns out that no third parties were involved in the murder of the woman, the entire investigation will be concluded.

Demetrie (35), who murdered his wife for infidelity found dead in a cell

The three children of the woman are taken care of by their relatives and receive victim assistance. The youth prosecutor will follow up the case and if necessary the juvenile court judge can make a decision in the interest of the children.

Suicide within the prison walls occurs on average once a month, according to figures from Directorate General Penitentiary Institutions. Of the 44 detainees who died in a penitentiary institution in 2017 or in a hospital to which they were transferred, thirteen were identified as suicides.

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