“Devilish mother” goes to party for a week while her daughter (3) dies of starvation in a dirty flat

A Russian woman risks a prison sentence between eight and twenty years because she has the death of her three-year-old daughter on her conscience. While Maria Plenkina (21) was partying for a week, Kristina was left alone in a filthy and ice-cold apartment. According to the judge, the child ate washing powder out of sheer necessity and could not drink because her “devilish mother” had turned off the water pipe. The toddler eventually died of starvation.

On 13 February last year, Plenkina closed the door behind her to party for a week with friends as part of Valentine’s Day. She had just broken up with her boyfriend, the father of little Kristina.

She had told her comrades that a friend would take good care of the girl. They trusted her on her word and together they put the flowers firmly outside. It was only when Kristina’s grandmother went to the apartment to celebrate the toddler’s third birthday that the drama came to light.


According to the judge, Kristina was found naked among some food scraps such as yogurt, chicken, and sausages that the mother had left for her. The heating was off and the water was not available. The woman from the city of Kirov is accused of deliberately murdering her daughter, Russian media report.

“She is fully accountable, but she has an extremely ill mind because she knew that her child could be at high risk. This is nothing but brutal murder,” is the verdict of the judge based on reports from psychiatrists.

“see her again”

Plenkina emphasizes that she did leave enough food for Kristina in her flat. “I absolutely didn’t want her to die,” she said after a series of contradictory stories. The judge, however, did not believe a word of it and very much resented the woman for closing the door behind her to go and party. “You had a good time while your child was starving,” it sounded. When Plenkina was arrested, she would not have shown any emotion or regret. “You didn’t cry when faced with the horrible consequences of your actions,” the judge made it clear.

Irina, Plenkina’s 47-year-old mother, didn’t know her daughter was away from home for so long. “Had I known that I would have looked after my grandchild.” “She told me everything was one hundred percent okay with Kristina, so I didn’t smoke a rat. And she also lied to the friends she was going out with, and they didn’t know anything either. There were never any signs that my daughter would hurt her child. Now that she confessed, I never have to see her again.”

The woman will soon be told exactly how long she will disappear behind bars.

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