Discover these countries where the population consumes the most alcohol

Out of 195 countries in the worldwide earth, we always think that one country will have the highest number of alcohol drinkers which many of us would like to know the country with such biggest consumers.

On this our piece, we will tell you the country with the highest number of Alcohol consumers, lovers and the country with the highest number of male Alcoholic drinkers and also female Alcoholic drinkers.

According to the data from the survey of several US scientists, launched in 1990 and completed in 2016, identified the countries where the population consumes the most alcohol.

This research reveals that the main lovers of alcohol live in Romania, while Ukraine is the homeland of the biggest consumers of this substance.

According to Lancet, researchers at the University of Washington determined which nations consumed the most alcohol in the world by examining data from 28 million people in 195 countries.

They found that in Denmark, there is the highest number of drinkers of 97% of men and 95% of women of which they regularly drink alcoholic beverages. A similar situation is observed in countries such as Germany and Norway.

But from the point of view of the amount of alcohol consumed per day, Eastern Europeans top the list, which show that they are the leading countries currently according to the data

Among men, it is the Romans, with 8.2 units of alcohol daily. As for women, it is the Ukrainians who occupy the first position, with 4.2 units.

A unit of alcohol equals 10 grams of ethanol, either a beer can, a small glass of wine or a shot of a strong drink.

From the data above, no African country is on the beam light of Alcohol consumer or lover, but do that really mean no African country have alcohol drinkers or lovers? Hell No! We will bring data from African continent.

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