Divorce: she drowned her children after falling into depression

An unfortunate case surprised the inhabitants of Kiev, in Ukraine after a woman identified as Ekaterina Babkina drowned her children Anna and Danil, aged six and five respectively.

After taking her children to eat pizza at a restaurant in the area, she took them to the river where she drowned them, and then tried to do the same. After failing to do so, she wandered along a highway until authorities found her, 24 hours later.

According to what the woman told the police that arrested her, she drowned the children to ‘save’ them from the end of the world. The woman, who worked as a nurse teacher, was in a deep depression after she was left alone with her children after divorcing her ex-husband, who had left her to marry a younger woman.

One of the woman’s friends told the authorities that Ekaterina suspected her husband’s infidelity, and feared she would leave her for a woman younger than her, which happened, which caused her to fall into depression.

The authorities practiced a variety of psychological tests on the woman, and after which they determined that Ekaterina was not responsible for her actions during the crime, since she was in a highly vulnerable mental situation, which still afflicts her.

The woman was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, because the conditions presented by the woman did not make her fit to purge a sentence behind bars. The acquaintances of the woman were shocked with the event, because they assured that she was a very loving and calm woman: “I have not met a teacher as calm as she. She loved her children too, especially her son. She always used to smile and is friendly.”

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