Dog locked up on tiny terrace during stormy weather all night

In Belgium, the fire brigade this morning freed a dog that had been locked up on a tiny terrace since yesterday. Local residents informed the emergency services because the animal was crying desperately all the time during the stormy night.

According to one of the local residents, the dog had been locked up at least since Friday on the tiny terrace of a house in the Montenegrostraat in Saint-Gilles (Brussels). “In this bad weather, with rain and strong winds. The poor animal was crying all night.” This morning someone called the police.

“Around 7 o’clock this morning the dog was released,” a Brussels South police zone spokesperson said. “The owner was not present. The animal had clearly not eaten for sever al days. ”Possibly there is the talk of animal neglect and a complaint is made to the public prosecutor.

Dog locked up on tiny terrace during stormy weather all night

According to HLN, the owner reported to the police station this morning and was interrogated. The animal, an American Stafford, has for the time being been taken care of at the Veeweyde animal rescue center in Anderlecht.

Dog locked up on tiny terrace during stormy weather all night

Fallen trees

Due to stormy weather during the night from Friday to Saturday, the Brussels fire brigade had to stop 36 times. In addition, some 30 interventions were added in the morning. That was learned on Saturday from fire department spokesman Walter Derieuw.

The interventions at night involved 21 fallen branches or fallen trees. In 15 cases the fire brigade had to come on site for objects that could cause dangerous situations on public roads, such as roof tiles and moldings that threatened to be blown away.

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