DRC: Mukendi, opponent of the Kabila regime, murdered

Rossy Mukendi Tshimanga, an activist and opponent of the Kabila regime was killed on Sunday, 25th February by bullets during an anti-kabila march.

According to TV5 Monde that relayed this information, Rossy Mukendi was a professor at the University of Kinshasa, he had the rank of assistant in the said university.

The source revealed that he had been killed by the police while he had taken refuge in the parish of Saint-Benoit of Kinshasa.

He is 36 years old, and father of two children.

The pain seems to have made her sister lose control of herself and been wandering in her parents’ neighborhood since the announcement of the death of young activist.

Relatives surround her mother despite their own sorrows and helplessness.

As for his father, anger almost prevents him from speaking.

Rossy was an assistant at the University. He led the citizen movement “Collectif 2016” which calls for the departure of President Kabila.

A highly respected activist. “Until when we will stop to lose ours?  Wonders Gloria Senga, citizen movement LUCHA says.

“Sad for our Congo. Sad for Rossy Mukendi, for his wife and children. Sad for those who are not sad in front of so many dying dreams; so many lives broken. We continue the fight, comrade! And we will win. Eternal peace to you and to all our martyrs of freedom!” written on Lucha Congo’s facebook page.

Although the Kabila regime is determined to use all forms of repression against demonstrations, Rossy’s comrades plan to continue the fight.

“We are not going to be slaughtered for so little, he killed Mukendi, but there are still millions of Mukendi in Kinshasa, and everywhere in the country,” said one of them.

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