DRC: NGO declare cheating in magistrate recruitment


According to the Bill Clinton Peace Foundation, several magistrates currently serving have been integrated without competition.

The last recruitment contest for magistrates dates from 2010: more than 2000 applicants for only 984 successes.

In the lot, the recruiters replaced many laureates by people who had not participated in the contest.

The Bill Clinton Foundation for Peace reveals that “We found that in 2010, there were 2367 contest entries; when they were appointed by the order of the Head of State, we found that only 984 were appointed.

Curiously, on this lot, there are 152 names of people who did not go through the contest. And we do not know how these people were kept” says Emmanuel Cole, the coordinator of this NGO.

Among these privileged are the relatives of members of the High Council of the Judiciary and some authorities of the country.

Many were still studying at the time of their admission to the judiciary: “In our investigation, we discovered that some were even students even while they were appointed.”

For the Bill Clinton Peace Foundation, Congolese justice suffers.

The other stage of control initiated by the Minister of Justice will have to deal with this aspect of the regularity of recruitment.

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