DRC: suppression of demonstrations hostile to power

More than 3 million protesters, 3 dead, according to the organizers, and the CLC “determined” to continue the mobilization

According to the CLC, which claims more than 3 million protesters in the streets of Kinshasa and across the country, 3 people were killed.

Two, in Kinshasa, and a victim, in Mbandaka, revealed by the statement of the affiliated association to the Catholic Church.

It also deplores several injuries, arrests or the brutality of the police and Red Berets (PPRD youth) in Kinshasa and that of Leja Makanda, which the CLC describes as the militia of the governor of Kasai Oriental.

However, the CLC paid tribute to the “exemplary” behaviour of many police officers towards protesters.

In a second communique, the Catholic laity showed their determination to continue the mobilization.

“We walked today to say no to dictatorship, a major obstacle to free, transparent, democratic and peaceful elections, organized in the best conditions of equality and equity”.

“Finally, we walked to shout our determination to continue to the end this fight to reclaim our dignity. Without stopping, we will continue to fight for the best for the future of our children.”

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