Dress bonus for Russians who dress feminine and send selfie to authority

Bizarrely, a Russian aluminum company is picking up a lot of criticism by paying a bonus to female employees if they adhere to dress codes that critics say are very sexist.

The Tatprof company calls it a ‘femininity marathon’: employees who come to work in a skirt or dress, wear ‘moderate’ makeup and put on their hair, receive an additional 100 rubles (1.38 euros) per day.

As evidence, they have to send a selfie to the mainly male management. The aim of the initiative is that ‘women feel more feminine’ and the office is being brightened up, the aluminum producer explained to Russian media.

According to the company, the participating women think it’s a nice idea, as witnessed by the submitted photos. “They smile and even seem to shine.”

The joy is certainly not for everyone. “News from the Middle Ages”, blogger Zalina Marsjenkulova says. “We don’t exist to boost men’s days,” another opponent fulminated on the company’s Instagram page.

Women’s rights organization Equality Now calls the policy “derogatory and offensive to Russian women”. The organization believes that this way the company maintains “harmful stereotypes”

Reuters, BBC
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