Egypt: Sudanese Ambassador resumes his post

After two months of absence, the Sudanese ambassador will return to his post in Egypt.

He had been recalled in consultations on January 5 without Sudan announcing the causes of the diplomatic crisis. Relations between Cairo and Khartoum have been tense since July 2013.

The main cause of tension is ideological. The Islamist regime of Omar al-Bashir did not appreciate the dismissal of Muslim Brotherhood of President Mohamed Morsi, with whom he had excellent relationship.

The border dispute over the Halayeb Triangle, located on the Red Sea between Egypt and Sudan, seemed to be in the process of being resolved.

Cairo, which had taken control of this territory, was no longer opposed to its return.

The arrival of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in power has all questioned. Cairo has declared the brotherhood of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist and has strengthened its control over Halaïb by launching a development program comprising port infrastructure and oil prospecting.

This tension has pushed Sudan to side with Ethiopia in its dispute over the waters of the Nile with Egypt. The return of the ambassador will relax the atmosphere without settling disputes.

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