Egyptian Quran teacher offers half of his salary to church

A true well of science, Usama Mohammad Najid, an Egyptian professor specialized in the study of the Koran, is enlightened in the light of his humanistic teachings to act in a fair and benevolent way in his daily life and those around him, whatever their confession, their origins and the tumults of this world.

It is fully imbued with the quintessence of the verse “Is there any other reward for good, than good?” (Quran 55: 60), this distinguished teacher, who also officiates as head of public relations in the governorate of Minya, decided to give half his salary to a local church as a sign of gratitude to the beautiful gesture of one of his parishioners. A Christian entrepreneur has, in fact, spontaneously made his contribution to the construction of a mosque, by making a substantial financial contribution.

“When I learned that a local Christian entrepreneur had donated 200,000 Egyptian pounds (about 9,500 euros) for the construction of a mosque, I said to myself immediately” Is there any other reward for good, than good? “The decision to give half of my salary to a church has become obvious to me,” said Osama Mohammed Najid with a kindly smile.

More in search of meaning than glory, the latter has shown to the Egyptian press a humility that is matched only by his greatness of soul, two essential qualities preached by Islam and the prophet Muhammad (saws) whose exemplary trajectory, like a lighthouse, guides each step.

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