Egyptian woman arrested by police for marrying two men at the same time

Much rarer than polygamy, of which it takes the exact opposite, polyandry, although formally prohibited by the law in force, in Egypt as in Islam, is not for all that an exceptional phenomenon in the land of the pharaohs.

At the age of 25, Lamia M., a maid in a hotel, is not the first Egyptian to be arrested for marrying two men at a short interval, and to headlines for concluding happily two marriage contracts: the first, all that is more official and legally recognized, the second, called the “wedding orfi”, more customary, unofficial and, therefore, perfectly criminal under the legislation.

During her interrogation, the young woman explained that she had fallen in love with another man than her husband and that she had turned to an imam to seek her opinion. An imam, surrounded by shadows, which she insists does not know the identity.

According to him, he would have allowed him to unite with this second man through an “orfi” marriage, in front of two witnesses and in all discretion, because if, according to him, sharia consents Egyptian justice, on the other hand, strongly condemns it and sanctions it heavily.

While Lamia M. is currently being held behind bars, his confession led the police, charged with clarifying the circumstances of her secretly sealed union, to seek the help of the scholars of Al Azhar, the highest authority of the country. They hope, indeed, that his Areopagus of clerics can enlighten them on the fatwa on which relies the mysterious imam to celebrate a marriage struck of illegality and to facilitate its identification as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the year, the trial of another Egyptian woman, also a follower of polyandry, had a strong impact in Egypt, and for good reason! It was not for two, but three marital unions contracted for five years that this wife, like no other, appeared before the courts.

Source: Youm7

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