Election in Cameroon: Activists receive money from the ruling party [Video]

The presidential elections will take place in Cameroon on October 07, 2018. For this election, 9 candidates are running for the palace of Etoudi. The outgoing president, Paul Biya, 85, of whom have already been in power for 35 years, is still running for his own ambition.

To seek another term as head of state, the strategies are multiplying both on the side of the party in power and the CPDM in the opposition. From the distribution of sums of money to the offer of t-shirts, each party develops its strategies to attract the sympathy of Cameroonians who will express their choice this Sunday, October 7th.

In a video that has been circulating for less than 48 hours on social networks, we can see a young member of the ruling party (RDPC) distributing envelopes of 10,000 CFA francs to supposed party activists. Each activist passes in turn to receive his envelope.

But for what purpose?
Father Bakaba, a priest of the archdiocese of Douala, said it was an attempt for corruption, a means for the ruling party to bribe voters to vote for candidate Paul Biya. The religious recently criticized the attitude of Samuel Eto’o who says he has shamed the Cameroonian youth.

Father Bakaba said that the voices of Cameroonian young people of voting age should not be bought with bread and sardines. He also waved a bread and a can of sardine open to show young people how it was not good practice to consume mainly sardine because it has carcinogenic substances.

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