Elon Musk smokes a live joint during an interview

“This is legal, is not it?” An affirmative answer from interviewer Joe Rogan more did not require Tesla boss Elon Musk to join a joint live on YouTube. The images now travel around the world like a rocket.

Elon Musk was a guest in the podcast of the Joe Rogan Experience for more than two hours, streamed live on YouTube. Host Joe Rogan, an American stand-up comedian, and presenter, reached a solid joint above (at 2:10 in the video) towards the end of the conversation.

“Is that a joint now, or is it a cigar”, Musk asked. “Marijuana with tobacco,” Rogan replied. Musk jokingly admitted that he had tried that in his life. “You probably could not be with all those shareholders now?” Rogan challenged the CEO of Tesla

and SpaceX. “This is legal, is not it?” Musk asked rhetorically, realizing he was in California. And he went to the joint offered him to the fullest.

The two sips in the studio occasionally also a glass of whiskey. Musk did that again after his hint of weed. The gentlemen found an excellent combination and all that between the sometimes-heavy conversations, about love, artificial intelligence, humanity, and Musk’s companies.

Elon Musk looked very tired, a condition that completely matches the latest news about him. The continuing problems with the production of his electric Tesla cars play a role. He hardly sleeps and works to pieces.

Last month, on Twitter, he accused a British diver of the rescue team at the Thai cave, Vernon Unsworth, repeatedly of pedophilia and child rape, without providing any evidence. After the last attack on Unsworth, the value of Tesla plummeted on Wednesday to the lowest level since late May.

Musk told Rogan about himself that he initially thought he was “crazy”. Five-six years ago he found out that he is “different from other people”. His brain never stops spouting ideas, something he cannot run away from in his own words.

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