Ethiopian Airlines crash: atheist proves “God does not exist”

A very popular Ghanaian atheist, Chris Vincent Ayagpong gave his reasons why he believes that “God does not exist.” Citing the recent Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, which killed 157 people, he wondered why God did not answer the prayers of some of them.

For this purpose, the atheist wrote on Facebook:

Is it not sad and mysterious that none of the 157 people who died in the plane crash yesterday was worth saving by any of the Gods believed to be up there?

I mean, so none of the 157 people which probably included children and infants was really a decent person that called on his or her God and the God answered?

There are a few possible reasons why none was saved:

  1. God was sleeping
  2. God was busy drinking beer with Satan
  3. God couldn’t be bothered as he does not care about homo sapiens
  4. God caused this evil to happen himself
  5. God is powerless and couldn’t do anything
  6. God has been dead a long time ago but no one came to tell us
  7. There is no God

Considering the odds and how repetitively such things happen without any sign of a miracle working God showing up, the most plausible answer is that none of the Gods claimed, really exist.

The God delusion has been part of us for a long time and these things always remind us that indeed no celestial father is watching over us.

Do you remember Captain Planet? He mostly shown up when his people called him to save them or the world but the many Gods people believe in, keep failing them and yet they can’t see it.

It’s sad but I believe many shouted and called on God—he didn’t answer or turn up to save any.

We are here by random act of chance and not by the hands of any invisible father.

The earlier we begin to work hard to understand the world we live in and find solutions to our problems, the better.

Do not rely on the hand of any God, none exist.

Good morning!

Chris Vincent Agyapong

Ethiopian Airlines crash: Atheist proves "God does not exist"

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