EU wants to completely get rid of Russian gas by 2030

The European Union will present a plan today to cut Russian gas imports by two-thirds over the next year, the Financial Times reported. For example, the EU wants to reduce its dependence on Russia. By 2030, the EU countries want to completely get rid of Russian gas.

According to European Commissioner Frans Timmermans, the EU can significantly increase the import of liquefied gas from other countries, and countries can generate more renewable energy. Demand can also be lowered by stimulating energy-saving measures. But some countries will have to keep coal-fired power stations open longer than planned, Timmermans admitted, according to the business newspaper.

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According to Timmermans, the EU’s climate targets to reduce greenhouse gases by 55 percent by 2030 will not be jeopardized if countries work to scale up renewable energy sources.

The ambitious plan has been christened RepowerEU. At present, Russia accounts for more than 40 percent of annual European gas imports, or about 155 billion cubic meters of imported Russian gas. The RepowerEU plan will be discussed at the special EU summit in Versailles at the end of this week.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and soaring energy prices are making Moscow’s energy dependence more and more painful. “The EU must be prepared for any possible scenario”, says the draft energy plan presented by Commissioner Timmermans (Green Deal) and Simson (Energy).

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