European parliament wants international ban on killer robots

The European Parliament wants so-called killer robots to be banned. A majority (566 to 47) want the EU and its member states to take the lead in declaring such fully automated weapon systems internationally taboo.

People must always be in control of decisions about life and death, is the purport of a non-binding resolution that Parliament adopted today in Strasbourg. Research and development of such machines with European money should not be possible, according to the petitioners.

There already exist (prototypes of) killer robots, where artificial intelligent rockets or drones can also be included. The United Nations is negotiating a treaty that it must be ban. A coalition of 26 countries is committed to this.

EU countries think differently about the subject. EU foreign chef Federica Mogherini has put together an expert group. The Italian said that it would place the issue on the agenda of consultations with EU Ministers of Defence.

Source: ANP

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