Extreme cyclist breaks record on 37 floors of hotel in Berlin

A Pole has broken his own Guinness record in Berlin with a unique bicycle. Krystian Herba (38) rode up and down the stairs of the 37-storey Park Inn hotel on Alexanderplatz six times, so in a total of 222 floors, a spokesman for the Polish tourist office said

It took the sportsman two hours, four minutes and nine seconds to jump up and down the 3,581 steps, without getting off the bike once.

Already in 2016, Herba set a record in the Willis Tower in Chicago. According to Guinness World Records, he cycled there over 3,461 steps in three hours and 45 seconds.

Herba says he has climbed seventeen skyscrapers in thirteen countries with his trial bike, a unique bike without suspension and saddle.

Krystian Herba on the stairs of the Atomium in May 2016.

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