Father (53) saves three daughters from drowning and died

Three Daughters of Fred Pepperman (53) from Tennessee threatened to drown two weeks ago in the strong currents of the sea near Panama City in Florida. The father managed to save his children’s lives but was so exhausted that he couldn’t make it himself.

It was Pepperman’s 16-year-old daughter, Grace, who was in trouble during the holiday with the family on July 14 due to the current off the coast of Seacrest, just above Panama City in Florida. Two older sisters, Olivia (20) and Kathryn (24), tried to help Grace, but they were also swept away by the water.

Their father then jumped into the wild sea to save his three daughters. Together with another family member and with the help of a surfboard, Pepperman managed to bring his offspring to safety. But the 53-year-old man was completely exhausted by the heavy efforts and lost consciousness. Bystanders tried to resuscitate the heroic father but in vain. He died in the hospital.

Fred Pepperman had four daughters together with his wife Julie Meunier: Kathryn, Mallory, Olivia, and Grace. Julie wrote on Facebook that, without the heroic actions of her husband, Grace and Olivia would certainly have drowned. “And Kathryn and I probably too,” she added.

According to Pepperman’s sister-in-law Colette James, none of the family knew what the two red flags meant, warning swimmers of the storm at the time. James also said that Fred Pepperman’s last words were addressed to his daughter Kathryn, who begged him for help: “I got you.”

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