Five techniques to stop being nervous with girls

You run into this girl every day, and yet, every time you find yourself in front of her, your nervousness takes you into a hellish whirlwind.

The only solution you find to no longer suffer this fear is to be around this girl for as little time as possible and run away from her when you like her! But do you think that this is how you will be able to seduce the women you like (and who make you nervous right now)?

Instead of adopting this false escape solution, discover the five techniques to stop being nervous with girls. I know that being very nervous with girls hinders you in your relationships. Stress is toxic not only for you but also for those close to you.

Women are emotional sponges. Humans in general: we capture the emotions of others. If you are nervous, girls will sense your stress and not be attracted to you. Worse, they won’t want to spend time with you.

Because yes, nervousness shows a lack of confidence in you. And unfortunately for you, unsuspecting men are not attractive. But don’t worry, if you apply these five techniques, you will become less nervous around girls.

1. Silence the voices in your head

What will she think of me? I’m not up to it… What can I say to him? She is too beautiful for me… I don’t know what to say to her…. All of these thoughts probably come to your mind when you’re around a girl you like.

The problem is, these thoughts parasitize you and prevent you from living in the present moment. So you have to silence those voices in your head if you want to stop being nervous around girls.

To make these thoughts disappear, I suggest the following exercise. Put a rubber band around your wrist (like it’s a bracelet), and snap it against your wrist each time those voices come back.

Indeed, it will do a little task in your dress style, but it will be effective. And it will always be a talking point when women ask you why you have that elastic around your wrist!

However, avoid slamming it when everyone is looking at you. You might sound like a bizarre guy. This elasticity should only be helpful to you in the short term. Once you get over your nervousness, you won’t need it anymore.

2. Calm your body language

You probably already know this, but the messages you convey are largely interpreted by the other person through your non-verbal language when you speak.

The form takes precedence over substance when spoken. Your body language is therefore essential when you want to seduce. Because yes, body language is the number 1 criterion on which a girl will detect that you are nervous and not very confident in yourself.

When you are nervous, your hands move quickly; your gaze is elusive; you speak (too) quickly, you sweat more, your voice is thin. It’s all due to the adrenaline rushing through your veins when you’re around pretty creatures that impress you.

The purpose of adrenaline is to make you run away or fight for survival. Okay, here, other than if the women you date are dangerous psychopaths, you have no reason to run away or fight! So as soon as you feel the stress building up, breathe calmly and deeply, and then try to adopt seductive body language.

Slow down your hand movements, force yourself to look girls in the eye, speak with your stomach and not your throat.

As the Americans say: “Fake it until you make it.”

Adopt the body language of a non-nervous person around women until it becomes natural for you and you adopt it without realizing it.

3. Do autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is quite simply autohypnosis. It might sound a little weird or even creepy to you, yet autosuggestion is a potent tool to format your brain through your subconscious. All your behavior and your thoughts (your consciousness) flow from your unconsciousness.

To act on your consciousness, you must first work on your unconsciousness. But don’t worry, it’s straightforward to act on your subconscious with autosuggestion. On the other hand, this tool will require your time and rigor.

These sentences will engrave in your unconscious by dint of repetition and then appear in your behavior (your consciousness). In the end, these simple sentences will improve your self-confidence. Autosuggestion is medium to long-term work, but it’s a potent tool if you want to stop being nervous with girls.

4. Force yourself to rub shoulders with women who attract you

So that quickly you are no longer nervous with the girls, you need to be around them as much as possible and as soon as possible. You have to get used to their presence. It is by confronting this fear that you will overcome it.

If you persist in fleeing or hiding behind this anxiety, you will never be able to cure this nervousness. Think about your first dip in a swimming pool. Your first jumps were probably stressful. Then after many somersaults in the water, it was good: your fear was gone.

It’s the same with women. It is by forcing yourself to be around women who attract you that you will overcome your fear. Here are some ideas for activities to confront you with women: yoga, dance lessons, theater, cooking lessons.

5. Approach women

This step is the upper step of the previous technique. Approaching women is a bit like the end-of-level boss to overcome your nervousness. Because yes, approaching a girl you don’t know you out of your comfort zone.

But when you have approached many girls, you will be used to it, and your fear will be a thing of the past. Don’t tell a lady that you find her sublime for your first boarding and that you want her number—step by step. You will get there soon, don’t worry. But in the meantime, start with more straightforward, less stressful boardings.

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