Fly a Kite is a threat to national security, says Egyptian MP

An Egyptian MP warned against the use of kites, which became fashionable during lockdown against the spread of coronavirus. According to him, they present a danger for children but also for national security, because they can be equipped with surveillance devices.

Kites pose a threat to national security as they can be equipped with surveillance cameras to photograph life-saving facilities, said Khaled Abu Talib, member of the Defense and National Security Committee of the Egyptian Parliament, quoted by Shorouk media.

The kite became very popular in Egypt during containment, but given technological developments, it can become a threat to national security. It can indeed be equipped with small cameras but also endanger the lives of children.

Dangerous competition

He thus warned against a competition that has become fashionable, when young people climb on a roof and launch their kite as high as possible.

According to him, several dramas have already taken place, one person having, for example, fallen from the top of a building and another having been electrocuted.

Parents and authorities should provide relevant advice to children to avoid accidents, he said.

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