Gates of the Gods: the portal to Aram Moore

Not so long ago in South America, scientists made a discovery that cannot be compared with anything else in its significance. Scientists have found something of great historical and sacred value. This object can be accessed only by special permission of the Government of Peru. Otherwise – impossible. Researchers found the famous “Gates of the Gods”.

The findings of scientists do not always promise money. Sometimes they carry values that cannot be expressed in monetary terms. This also applies to the “Gates of the Gods” found in 1996, which can completely change all perceptions of the modern world, and show that life on earth is only a small part of human existence.

“The Gates of the Gods” as they have been called by Peruvian elders since ancient times, are located 35 kilometers away from the Peruvian town of Puno. In fact, it is a huge door carved into the rock, which is 2 meters high and 7 meters wide. In the center of this door is a circular hole, which was most likely some sort of keyhole.

Previously, before the Gate was discovered, pilots flying over the area noticed strange structures composed of rocks. And after the Gate of the Gods was discovered in all its grandeur, it suddenly became known that the mysterious rock had secret servants. It was from them that the researchers learned the amazing legends.

One of the gates of the Gods
One of the “gates of the Gods”

These servants told that the Gate was the property of the Inca civilization, and in the old days, through them, “the way of the gods”, the most talented of heroes could go to better worlds, and heroes did go. Many of them went forever, but some came back, already endowed with knowledge that could never get a mere mortal.

The researchers were also told the story of the priest Arami, who was the keeper of the “Key of the Gods of the Seven Valleys”. It was a shiny metal disc, proportioned to the hole in the Gate. When the conquistadors invaded, they massacred the Indians with horrific senselessness. They also plundered sacred relics. Arami then gathered in his village those who had survived. The Indians went with them to the Gate. Since that time, they have disappeared without a trace.

Further, scholars have discovered that, indeed, the Gate of the Gods was previously written about in the tales of the ancient Maya, but these are legends. Much more interesting are the results of modern research. Most of all, the scientist Qatar Mamani, who was the first to discover the stone door.

Qatar conducted a series of experiments using the most advanced instruments. After that, he came to the conclusion that this Gate is, first of all, an anomalous zone. And secondly, they are indeed an entrance to other worlds.

Mamani used devices that recorded alpha, beta, and gamma rays in his work. He also used digital photo and film equipment, electronic photometers, and thermometers. You could say that he brought an entire scientific laboratory with him, and the results were fantastic. Near the “Gate of the Gods,” many objects of otherworldly origin were found.

These objects have found their reflection on electronic media and photographic films in the form of fireballs, disks, columns, as well as clots of plasma of different colors and densities, but that is not the main point. Qatar established that these objects exist outside of our reality, and they… think and not just think, but show emotions!

The gates of the Gods
“The gates of the Gods”

A reporter from Germany, W. Bey, interviewed Qatar, where the scientist admitted that he is now convinced of the existence of other life forms. In his words, research has resulted in a completely new picture of the world, in which humans are not masters of themselves. Our living environment and activities are completely under the control of these beings, and they are constantly changing our being in accordance with their tasks, which we cannot even guess about.

It is amazing that not only the use of measuring instruments makes it possible to record real objects in the area of the Gates of the Gods. Mamani was able to see these objects with his own eyes! According to him, immediately upon arrival at the mysterious rock, the air became difficult to penetrate and thickened. Fireballs and flakes appeared in front of the Gate and began to shoot off and smash against the rock. As a result of these blows, the walls of stone became covered in soot. After that, droplets of shimmering liquid appeared on them.

The explorer did not easily make his way through the thick air and, touching the strange drops, felt electric discharges. Later, crystalline blue objects appeared before his eyes. Then, they began to take shapes the scientist couldn’t even think of.

Even more interesting were these ethereal objects in the dark. There was a real festival going on in front of the Gate of the Gods. There were flashes of light, balloons flying, and electrical discharges from the UFOs in the air all the time. And then, on the Gate itself, the face of a huge old man appeared… The lantern that had been illuminating the explorers’ camp had fallen from its mount. It was red-hot…

And now Mamani continues to study the Gates of the Gods. Simultaneously with him, a team of scientists from the United States is observing around the clock. But the latter are keeping their findings under wraps. Apparently, they think that people are not yet ready to know about the real structure of the world…

Some people who have been to this door say that when they put their hands on it, they felt some kind of energy coming from behind the rock. In 1997 the American psychic Tony Silva visited the Gate in the “City of the Gods”. He said that he felt an incredible rush of energy near this door, and before his eyes opened, the starry sky and columns of fire, which beat from the ground. This vision was accompanied by unusual music, similar to shamanic tambourines.

Mentions of the mysterious “Gates of the Sun” are also found among the Mayan people, and most interestingly, a drawing similar to these gates is found on the Nazca Plateau. In recent years, people have often begun to see UFOs over this area, spheres of various colors and sizes, often hovering over this valley.

According to the Peruvians, these gates will be opened one day, and the Gods will return in “solar ships”.

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