Ghana: Intern nurse mock and releases status of HIV patient

A young trainee nurse has published a patient’s serostatus on social media in other to make fun of her.

An intern from a hospital in Accra, Ghana, was subjected to an intense smear campaign on social media for publicizing the status of an HIV-positive patient to the general public.

The trainee who uses the @greys_boateng as username on twitter, shared the post online to mock and make fun of the woman’s boyfriend in question who is suspected to be a friend or her neighbour.

According to what she posted on Twitter:

“At the fever unit today, your WCW (Women Crush Wednesday ed) pulled up a surprise visit. Apparently she had come for a review, she is HIV positive. As a intern, I was asked to get his folder and interestingly I got the name right.. later I checked her @ It really be your own people, stay awake young kings.

Many have called for a total ban on practicing nurse trainees because what she has done is a flagrant violation of the confidentiality of the patient’s medical record

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