Ghana: Priest accuses Muslims and Christians of being responsible for corruption in the country

Muslims and Christians are responsible for 90 percent of corruption cases in Ghana, said Charles Palmer-Buckle, archbishop of Cape Coast, Ghana.

He was speaking at the launch of an interfaith anti-corruption project by the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) in Accra, when he made his statement. He firmly stated that Muslims and Christians cannot escape blame for corruption in the country.

The Archbishop explained that people from higher circles who are educated and engage in corrupt practices at some point in their lives, have gone through the school system of both religious organizations.

“Of all those who have been educated in Ghana and who engage in corruption, we have to admit that most of them have gone through our school system,” he said.

He therefore pleads for the two religious bodies to tidy up their homes before blaming others for Ghana’s growing corruption.

Charles Palmer-Buckle believes that it is time for Christians and Muslims to participate in the fight against corruption in the country. He urged religious organizations to stop blaming others and support anti-corruption institutions to fight corruption.

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”

The Archbishop also notes that the endemic corruption cases in the country constitute a serious indictment and that, therefore, Christians and Muslims must be part of the solution to the problem.

He insists, however, that they cannot dwell on how they failed as a religious body, but it is time for them to do a serious housework.

Finally, the religious leader urged religious organizations to go back and teach people what needs to be done.

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