Grand P, Grand M, Grand T, Grand S, and new Grand A from Chad

The list of “Grand” in Africa continues to grow. After Grand P of Guinea, Grand M of Mali, Grand T of Burkina Faso, and Grand S of Niger, here is Grand A of Chad. A well-made head, with a degree in Basic License, option Mines, and Quarries. He is also a very seasoned entrepreneur.

Amadaï Mahamat Djibrine
Amadaï Mahamat Djibrine

Born on November 8, 1987, in N’Djamena, Chad, Amadaï Mahamat Djibrine is a small person who has not necessarily had an easy life. Fatherless from an early age, the one who is now nicknamed Grand A was supervised and trained by his mother. A brave lady, who has succeeded in making him what he has become today in Chadian society.

Despite his height of 1.2 meters, dwarfism, he made an asset that surpassed himself. After a Series D Experimental Science Baccalaureate in a high school in N’Djamena, in 2008, Grand A, certainly the most intellectual of all the “Grands”, left his native country to continue his studies in Cameroon, then at Mohammed University. First Oujda in Morocco, where he graduated in Basic License, option Mines and Quarries.

All in West Africa: Grand P, Grand M, Grand T, and new Grand S
The Grands in West Africa (Grand P of Guinea, Grand M of Mali, Grand T of Burkina Faso)

Very active in the voluntary sector, Amadaï Mahamat Djibrine is a young entrepreneur with several experiences acquired in Business Startup, entrepreneurship, analysis of issues, and actions of sustainable development. He also recently launched the creation and management of micro-projects.

Grand P, Grand M, Grand T, Grand S, and new Grand A from Chad
Amadaï Mahamat Djibrine (Grand A)

For his attachment to community life, Amadaï Mahamat Djibrine is an active member of the Youth Network for Development and Leadership in Chad (RJDLT). Passionate about comedy, Grand A also sees a career in cinema. He wishes to promote peace and social cohesion.

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