Here are the four professions that depend on the death of people

Death may not be desired even for its worst enemies. But as with almost anything, the fall of one person can be the source of another’s success. And even death, as dreaded as it is, is the cause of the employment of certain specialists.

We do not think about it every day, but a simple reflection reveals the truth: someone or some people have to die so that others can win their lives.

Here are some of these professions that revolve around death.

1. Coroner
The coroner is limited to determining who was the deceased and how, when, and where he died. Whether it is an alleged crime, suicide or death by natural causes, a coroner needs his body to put his skills and knowledge to good use.

2. Mortuary workers
The task list of the mortuary workers goes from the coroners to the people who bathe the dead person before burying him. The mortuary agents operate in hospitals and retirement homes, in mortuaries.

3. The hearse drivers
All hearse drivers may be able to drive any other vehicle. But not all drivers can be hearse drivers. We must overcome the fear of the dead or necrophobia. And as not everyone can, the profession of hearse driver becomes a specialty for those who are not afraid.

4. The Coffeemaker
Traditionally, men use coffins to bury their dead. Even identification with Islam cannot prevent some people from using a casket for their dead. But as with all the other members of this list, coffins makers simultaneously hope for death if they want to benefit from the profession.

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