Hide like count on Instagram and Facebook

On Facebook and Instagram, users will soon be able to hide the number of likes on posts. The function has been tested on a smaller scale for some time, but now it is now accessible to everyone.

You can hide all likes on posts in your news overview and those on your own posts. Social media wants to reduce the pressure to score a lot of likes. Experts even called likes in 2017 the “most damaging to young people’s mental health and well-being”.

“People, therefore, need to regain control over their own use,” said Instagram boss Adam Mosseri.

Nevertheless, the tests showed that a number of people missed the likes. They no longer knew what was popular or trending.

It would also be a disaster for influencers who work with brands and are therefore highly dependent on their popularity and number of likes. “That is why we give you the choice”, it sounds at Instagram.

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