Hilarious: Snapchat launches filters for cat fusion

Snapchat launches a series of filters that can make a selfie with your cat. The filters recognize the snout of your scruffy four-legged friend and give you and your pet, for example, an identical garland or a pair of glasses. That reports the app via Twitter.

The new filters or ‘lenses’ are specialized in recognizing felines, in contrast to previous filters that are only intended for people. With the new filters, cat owners can also set up their favourite pet, such as a flower garland or glasses, a pair of sunglasses, a piece of bread around the head, or a set of red devil’s horns.

You can find the lenses between the regular filters and can recognize them by the blue paw print. The filters would only be for cats and their owners; other animals remain out of range for the time being.

Enthusiastic internet users already shared some hilarious snaps via Twitter.

Source: TechCrunch

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