Homeless becomes millionaire: “I slept under a bridge, but didn’t ask for help”

At the age of 17, the Australian Harry Sanders (now 21) became homeless, but four years later he became a millionaire. The raw reality of street life was very difficult for him, but in the end, it made him rich. The young millionaire explained in a candid interview with the Australian 7news.

It was a terrifying and difficult period in his life: Harry had been homeless for more than a year. He stayed in different reception places or slept with family or friends on the couch. Sometimes he even had to sleep under a bridge. “The first night was the hardest. I had no idea where I could go or what I had to do. I slept under a bridge, but I didn’t dare ask for help. It can be very dangerous. This is because homeless people each have their own territory, which caused me quite some problems in the beginning. Fortunately, I always got food by asking at different eateries if they still had leftovers,” said Harry Sanders to 7news.

Homeless people each have their own territory, which caused me a lot of trouble in the beginning

Harry Sanders


Yet this time as a homeless person has taught him some valuable life lessons, despite many difficult moments. “This experience has made me mature and resilient. I would not have been the same person. Experiencing this misery has made me much more secure during stressful situations.”

In fact, the brand new millionaire owes his assets to that period on the street. “I would be much less motivated. The determination is enormous if you know that there is no plan B.”

Months of rejection

Harry already knew a few things about improving the findability of websites on search engines: the so-called SEO. He called former colleagues and customers from the telephone booth in a shelter for the homeless. After months of rejections, he managed to entice a few customers. His work was so good that he received more and more applications, which enabled him to live in a house again after more than a year.

His life was turned upside down when he re-launched his Studiohawk company in 2017. The company is now worth one and a half million Australian dollars. It has since become a global company that opened an office in London last month.

Harry hopes to inspire other entrepreneurs with his story and gives some success tips. “Dress as you please” and “sleep at least eight hours a night,” are some of his advice.

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