Hospital worker, herbalist steal baby’s placenta

Fatima Suleiman, worker in a hospital, and Salaudeen Ibrahim, an herbalist, were arrested for stealing the placenta of a newborn baby.

According to The Nation New media, the incident happens in Kwara State, Nigeria.

Kofowora Bolaji, state police commissioner, who explains that the attendant trade the placenta of the babies after the doctor hand it over her.

In an interview with reporters, herbalist Ibrahim says: “I read Islamic Studies at Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin. I graduated in 2016.

“A month ago, she come to ask me if the baby placenta could be good for ritual purposes and I said yes.

“And that is the last thing I discussed with her. And she left. Because she is a nurse in the hospital, she told me that some people would leave their placentas to throw them away.

“Later, I even forgot and she came with one about five days ago. She dropped the placenta. After she left, something told me to call her to pick her up and not to do the ritual.

“I called her to pick her up. She refused, not before calling me to tell me that the incident had been reported to the police station.

“To not be involved, I packed the placenta and threw it into a nearby river. I thought that with that, I could get out of trouble but I’m here.”

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