Hot-tempered lady destroys her boyfriend’s properties (photos)

We fall in love for us to live together, be in peace and harmony. But many forget that we also live with characters.

According to online information, a hot-tempered Nigerian woman destroyed the properties of her love. Which include home appliances and other valuable items eyes can see in that house. The information revealed that there was misunderstanding between the two lover birds.

Although the cause of the dispute was not revealed at the time of writing this report. It was claimed that the woman had ransacked his home. And destroyed his properties, including his chairs, dishes, television, as many as you can see in the photos below:

The photos of destroyed properties that are online, make people talk and wonder why a sensible person would go so far to prove their complaint. The Facebook user, Akin, who shared the information did not provide more details about what happened to the lovebirds.

Some online users immediately react to the incident:

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