How Justin Timberlake met his wife Jessica Biel: “I made sarcastic remark”

In his new book ‘Hindsight & All the Things I Cannot See in Front of Me’, Justin Timberlake talks openly about his first meeting with Jessica Biel. “I did not get her number because it was not the right time.”

“We were at a surprise party and were chatting with a group of people at the bar. I made a sarcastic remark, very dry, but nobody understood except she, she laughed. That was a moment when you wonder if a person is just like you, or if she has just such a dry, little dark sense of humour,” says Justin. The two chatted all night but did not exchange numbers.

“I kept thinking about her and was really interested in her. She just had something that grabbed me.” In 2007 they met again at a Justin concert, where a friend had taken her. Afterwards the singer asked Jessica and her friends wanted to join him in the tour bus, which led to long conversations and lots of laughter. When the actress got out, Justin dared to ask her number.

After a lot of phone calls back and forth, the couple was together for a month after Justin’s tour, which made them decide to really go for it. “She has changed me. She has changed my whole life.” In 2012 they married and three years later the Timberlakes welcomed their first child: son Silas.

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