How to make him chase you and commit

Every woman may want to dominate a guy, but not every woman understands how to accomplish it. Do you want to make a love potion? Is it possible to get rid of all of your competitors? Do you want to do a hundred or two plastic surgeries? Who knows, love is a weird thing, and even the craziest acts may help you win it.

However, certain basic guidelines may be provided to females who wish to win a man’s heart.

Simple ways to make a guy chase you

1. Be attractive

Whatever you want to say, the guy is more interested in the girl’s outward facts than her inner life. Keep an eye on yourself if you wish to draw the attention of a representative of the stronger gender. Visit beauty salons, do your hair first thing in the morning, and don’t forget to apply makeup. You must disregard the phrase “and so it shall be”: a lady must be perfect whether she is viewed by millions or just one person.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Of course, beauty is desirable, but don’t forget that there are many attractive ladies. You must stand out from the crowd in order for a guy to select you. This does not imply that you must rush to the hairdresser and color your hair green; instead, it is sufficient to devise a few unique gestures.

3. Keep an eye on your stride

Perhaps you believe that stride is a minor consideration: the beautiful shoes with high heels will draw men’s attention. Of course, this is somewhat correct. Your thin legs and desire to please will be seen by representatives of the opposite, but they will not notice your lightness. Remember that a lady who walks gracefully in slippers looks prettier than one who walks clumsily in shoes.

4. Make a happy face

When a girl’s face is lit up with a grin, men are ecstatic. This is simple to explain: conversing with a nice person is pleasurable. It’s not for nothing that good people are frequently likened to the sun: like the ancient luminary, they provide light and warmth.

5. Maintain a good appearance

Allowing oneself to appear in front of a guy in a cleaned bathrobe with matted hair is never a good idea. Don’t put on a stretched sweater and jeans whether you’re in the mood to dress up or not. Respect others and recognize that an untidy person is unappealing to others. Adding thirty minutes to your packing time will not worsen your poor mood and may even improve it.

6. Don’t be a bully

Men are frightened by excessively active women. Because they are used to thinking of themselves as hunters, they dislike becoming prey. Don’t miss out on the joy of seeing your selected one attempt to persuade you.

7. Don’t try to be clever

Men do not see a woman who knows everything about the world and flaunts it at every chance as a possible partner. They may admire her, but they are unlikely to approach her with the intention of developing a relationship with her. For what purpose? She is self-sufficient, and she knows more than they do. Understand that it is difficult for the guys to accept the reality that they are worse than a lady in “men’s” issues (“women’s” concerns include caring for a kid and keeping the home comfortable).

8. Don’t act as if you don’t need the services of men

Inaccessibility may be appealing, but that isn’t always the case. It’s one thing when a woman shows a guy that winning her is difficult; it’s quite another when she displays her disinterest in him. In the second scenario, the individual is more likely to halt the attack and withdraw. Don’t let him get away.

9. Be able to express love

When you’re alone with a guy, know how to remove the mask, regardless of your image. Not a frigid, although gorgeous Snow Queen, but a gentle lady who understands how to listen and comprehend. A vamp woman’s personal life is seldom happy: she attracts men, but their ardor is short-lived.

10. Take time to appreciate yourself

Never hang yourself on a man’s neck, and never rush to the first person who comes along. Let him know that, no matter how much you love him, you are not a dog and that if he does not pay enough attention to you, you will easily leave for another. Believe me when I say that a woman who respects herself will always find someone to confide in.

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