How to tell a girl you love her? 9 ways to do it perfectly

How do you tell her that you love her? Did you spend time with her? Do you hardly know her? Are you about to kiss her?

Either way: you want this girl, you love her, and now you’re wondering how to admit your attraction to her. Take your courage in both hands. I’ll guide you so that you confess your feelings for this girl. Let’s start with this famous quote: The supreme seduction is not to express your feelings, it is to make them suspect. This article will give you exactly the keys to subtlety, to make your feelings understood without spreading them out on the table.

A common mistake is to think that the more you like her, the more she reciprocates and does not break your heart when you are vulnerable when it comes to telling her how you feel. This is called the mistake of the needy guy who believes in the form of justice: But I’m nice, I like her, she should like me!

You lose! You are on the wrong track if you think like that. This girl owes you nothing, even though you’ve fallen asleep thinking about her every night for a year. It takes a strategy to tell her you like her. What you think about doing may not give you the results and response you are looking for.

To help you avoid making a mistake and feel like a loser around women, below are some tips to guide you perfectly.

9 ways to tell a girl you love her

1. Spend time with her

It’s pretty obvious that you like her if you hang out with her, especially if she knows you don’t have a lot of time. The more you seem to enjoy her company, as well as being around her, the more it will help her realize that you love her without having to open your mouth too much to tell her.

The risk? Let her just take you for a friend and end up in a friend zone.

2. Be the Cool Guy

When you compliment her too much and put her on a pedestal, you make her understand: I don’t think I’m good enough for you, and I hope you give me a chance. When you leave defeated, when you put yourself in a position of inferiority, she is not attracted to you, but on the contrary, wants to push you away.

But, if you interact with her in a playful, willful, and fun way, you’re not communicating that you think she’s better than you or that you don’t stand a chance with her. If you are relaxed and talk to her as an equal, she is more likely to be drawn to your confident attitude. You then make her understand: I like you, I find you cool, and I want to have a good time with you.

3. Tease her

Tease her, without being a jerk, tell her you like her, it will increase the chances that she likes you back. Teasing her sends her the signal that you love her, that she is worth your time and attention, and that she doesn’t intimidate you. If she feels she’s bullying you, she subconsciously puts you in the friendzone with the other guys who don’t stand a chance with her.

Teasing her is giving her a hard time and waking her up in a fun and playful way. It is also communicating that you care about her and see her as more than a friend.

Example of how to tease a girl: she has lipstick on her teeth?

(I understand your desire to please me, I am indeed cool, nice, intelligent, and incredibly modest. But no kidding, lipstick is for the lips, you know, not for the teeth. They don’t need makeup, your teeth! How do I manage to invite you to a gala evening or with my boss if you don’t even know how to put on makeup? We’re going to do it all together, come on… we’re going to watch Makeup tutorials on Youtube…)

4. Take the lead

Show her that you are different and that you are worth her time by taking the initiative. Choose the time and day you go out, where you go, and where you sit. Choose the movie you watch. Grab her hand and pull her through the crowd. Physically move her if necessary. Don’t let her choose. Make the choices for him (do you see the difference?) Be laid back, detached and natural about taking the initiative, and she will agree and appreciate it.

In fact, most women prefer you to be in charge. A man who takes the initiative is sexy. He is very soft, very flexible, with the strength of a dancer who leads his partner, of course…

5. Flirt with her

Rather than verbalize it “Hey, I like you, you know?” Flirting is the most obvious way to tell her that you love her. To make him understand. It’s a coded message, a subliminal message. Flirting is like pulling all the “pull levers” and helps you get closer to her.

What to do when you are flirting:
  • Make sexual innuendos, and when she laughs, accuse her of being a pervert
  • Touch her without being a pervert
  • Be charming, without being fake
  • Be flattering, without licking his ass
  • Smile, but not too much either
  • Be funny
  • Make lots of eye contact without being scary.
  • Accuse her of flirting with you and being crazy.
  • Exaggerate the compliments (while still being fun)
  • Play the hard to get dude
  • Most of all, be a fun, cool, and laid-back guy.

6. Go tactile

Let her know you love her by not being afraid to take her hand, kiss her, touch her, etc. (If you feel like it’s time, of course). Communicate that you are interested by holding her hand for a second too long when you find her, for example.

Touch is by far the fastest and most powerful way to improve comfort and relationship with her. Touch connects two people faster than speech, body language, and visuals. If you are not afraid to communicate with her on a tactile level, she will know that you like her, which will trigger the attraction you are looking for. The dance floor is a very effective way to let a woman know that you want her.

7. Be different from other guys

Show her that you like her and get his attention by not making the same predictable, annoying mistakes other guys try to get her attention.

She doesn’t want you to be the one who:
  1. Buy flowers
  2. Writes long SMS
  3. Waiting for her at the airport
  4. Stands in front of her door or window in the pouring rain
  5. Learn how women think and react and what attracts them to make you different and better in her eyes.

Do the opposite of what most guys would. Stand out. Get her attention. Any examples to tell this girl you like and set yourself apart from the competition?

  • Draw her a bouquet!
  • Write him a real letter, on an actual postcard or real paper, and mail it!
  • Get her a bunch of carrots if she doesn’t like flowers!

8. Don’t be afraid to make love

If you make sexual innuendos, talk to her in a sexual tone, sexually look at her, or just communicate in a sexual way, it is obvious that you love her and that she will understand the hint. It takes courage and being entirely prepared for rejection, but it starts to happen naturally once you gain experience with women and dating. Once you assume your desire, everything will be much easier with women. Once you have mastered the art of sexual conversation, you will no longer be over restraint.

9. Courage and be direct

This is the last option, the last resort. If she’s stubborn, dumb, or can’t see the clues, telling her in the face might get her attention. Again, this is the riskiest option, and that’s why you should only keep it for the last chance.

Telling her that you like her face to face may be too much for her, giving her your power and giving her the power to reject you on the spot. You don’t want her to have that power over you. If she asks you if you like her, then yes – be direct, be brief, and don’t be emotional and feminine – this is not a pass to empty your heart.

Examples: if you’re shyer than that:

(You know, I want to tell you something that’s not easy for me to say… I’m a little shy, and I love you…”

A good mix between the time spent with her, the content of the conversation, the gaze’s role, and the fact of being tactile should make her understand your intentions fairly quickly.

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