Hungary: Minibus driver kills 9 people because of “live on Facebook”

In Hungary, a minibus driver collided frontally with a truck that killed nine people due to the driver of the minibus was live on Facebook and went out of his way to meet the other vehicle.

The incident took place on Tuesday, a few dozen kilometres from Budapest.

In a video, one can see the Romanian driver filming himself and also hear music from the car radio. The least one can say is that he was not focused on the road.

At the beginning of the video, the driver was well on his way, but bowed his head very often to read comments from his video posted live on Facebook. Smile in his mouth, he was far from suspecting that it would be his last moment in this life.

This is where he turns the camera of his phone to film the road and at the same time, he tries to double the car in front of him, but in the opposite direction arrived a truck. Consequence of his imprudence: all the passengers of the minibus, as well as him lost his life.

In the vehicle, there were 7 men and two women all Romanian.

For his part, the driver of the truck had slight bruises. Hungarian police has opened an investigation to learn more about the circumstances of the accident.

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