“I am afraid to die” – Black boy attacked because of his skin colour said

A black 15-year old boy named Leroy, who was attacked because of his skin colour by a man of 35-year-old from Aarschot, has explained how fear of death gripped him and suddenly his heart stopped.

Recalled that we earlier reported the incident that took place in Belgium on Sunday.

During his interview with some reporters, he said: “In London I was safer than in my own Aarschot, that is not right?”, Sighs Leroy Abraham (15) two days after he was first offended on the platform of the Aarschot station because of his skin colour and then was physically attacked by Jonas V. (35) and two adult women.

"I am afraid to die" - Black boy attacked because of his skin colour said

“I do not understand what has inspired them. As if I can do something about it that I have a different colour.”

“I have a very strange feeling that I can hardly explain”, Leroy begins when he tells himself what happened to him around 3.40 pm at the station in Aarschot, the city where he has lived for 5 years together with his mother Ana (53).

“With my oldest sister Julie, her two-year-old son and a smaller brother of 9, I was waiting on the platform for the train to Brussels,” he says.

“I had just waved to an old school friend who was standing up, when the attackers suddenly came to me. He gave me a push against my shoulder and asked what time the train would arrive.”

Leroy, who had just turned two weeks ago, asked to be left alone yet “he pushed again and again asked me the same question, then the two women also got involved.”

“At that moment Julie (33) starts filming everything with her smartphone.”

The trio clearly under the influence and with a few bigger cans of beer, the teenager winds all kinds of racist reproaches and continues to steer towards a physical confrontation.

“At a certain point I told them clearly that I was getting angry,” says Leroy honestly.

“After that I also used some bad words and then I said “your mouth stinks” to one of them. “That was not even lying with all that alcohol in their bodies.”

But after that sentence Jonas V. grabbed the teenager and pushed him from the platform onto the tracks. “When I fell, my heart stopped for a moment because I did not know when the train would arrive. I was really afraid to die.”

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