Identical twins share everything, go to toilet at the same time and have one boyfriend

Anna and Lucy Decinque are an absolute concept in Gemini. The 34-year-old sisters from Perth (Australia) do every possible activity together: they continuously put on the same outfit, go to the toilet at the same time and sleep with their mutual friend in the same (king-size) bed. Now the two ladies also want to become pregnant with him simultaneously via IVF.

In any case, they did not steal their nickname – the most identical twins in the world. “We want to grow old together and eventually die together,” said Lucy in the British breakfast show ‘This Morning’.

But first the other project. “We want to experience our pregnancy together,” added Anna. “As part of IVF treatment, we therefore now want to freeze our eggs simultaneously. It will be a challenge, but that goes for everything in our life. We just want to experience the same thing all the time.”

Will the disappointment not prevail when one has a boy, and the other has a girl? “Oh no, as long as the babies are healthy and happy,” said Lucy. “It is more for us to do the pregnancy process.”

Anna and Lucy Decinque, with  their joint conquest Ben Byrne.
©Instagram – Anna and Lucy Decinque, with their joint conquest Ben Byrne.

“Kissed immediately on first night”

For mechanic Ben Byrne it is undoubtedly quite a job to keep both ladies happy. “Our mother doesn’t always manage to keep us apart, but she has been able to from day one,” it sounds. “The night we met him, we both kissed him right away.”

“Our previous sweethearts always tried to take us apart,” Lucy continues. “They clearly didn’t understand how close our band is. Ben, on the other hand, always treats us equally; there is no jealousy. If he kisses Anna, he will do the same to me immediately afterward. Besides, he has no complaints, and he gets twice as much love as anyone else.”

Doesn’t it get too suffocating sometimes? “We make-up at the same time, we go to sleep at the same hour, and we get hungry at the same time. Is that exaggerated? In our view, not. We want to live our lives in this way and thus stop.”

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