Illegal migrant receives residence permit after rescuing disabled man

Spain has issued a residence permit to an illegal migrant from Senegal who rescued a disabled man from a burning building last month. The man is hailed as a hero in the southern European country.

Street vendor Gorgui Lamine Sow (20) arrived in Spain in 2017. A month ago, he was walking down a street in the seaside town of Denia (Costa Blanca) when he heard screams and saw smoke coming from a window on the first floor of a building.

He climbed through the iron bars of the front door onto the balcony and came down a few moments later with the disabled man over his shoulder, down a ladder that a neighbor had already put down.

The Spanish Ministry of Labor and Immigration announced today that Sow now receives a residence permit. “As a thank you for his act of courage and service to the community,” it sounded.

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